W-Smart System - Eco-friendly

W Smart solar blind, Wire-free, motorised, powered by natural light

The latest in innovative and ecological Italian design, ScreenLine® W Smart harnesses the power of the sun and daylight to provide you with carbon-saving motorised blinds.

It features a 3.6V motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery which is charged by an externally mounted solar panel, to deliver a wire-free motorised blind system with either Venetian or pleated blinds. These can be encapsulated within a 20, 22, 27 or 32mm cavity double glazed unit.

Designed to maximise your options for light and shade control

Be in full control of light in your home

w smart remote control

The blind is raised, lowered and slat-tilted via a slide button control unit which is magnetically attached to the double glazed unit. This device is stores information about each blind, avoiding the need to associate a specific control device for a smarter, easier configuration that’s personalised to your home.

And the battery module is designed to achieve the best functionality too. Two LED arrows on the module intuitively show the commands given to the blind and when recharging is needed.

loxone home smart ready


  • Installation is streamlined 
  • No hard wiring so need for electrician to install
  • Saves energy
  • Discreet battery module, developed in co-operation with design specialists
  • Touch control keys
  • Radio wave remote control available
  • Batteries can easily be replaced