S System - Slider

Simplicity with pure elegance

The ScreenLine® S pleated integral blinds system is the number one choice for homeowners. The manual system comprises a 14mm pleated blind integrated within a double glazed unit with a 20mm cavity.

Its stylish, made-to-measure blinds are manufactured to the highest standards to perfectly complement any interior. These superior quality blinds are raised and lowered by a patented magnetic system.

The S System makes an active contribution to the comfort of your home thanks to the fabrics used by ScreenLine®. Every S unit features Vanity & Verosol pleated blind fabrics which are coated with an aluminium layer on one side. This reduces excessive heat from the sun heat gain and improves the overall energy performance of the window, whilst regulating the natural light passing through. Any risk of light transfer down the blind edge is eliminated by the use of special ‘U’ shaped warm edge bar.

Designed to maximise your options for light and shade control

Be in full control of light in your home

Movement of the blind is achieved by sliding a magnetic device positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal pane across the glass surface. The external magnet interfaces with a similar internal magnet located in the movable head-rail, designed especially to absorb possible glass deflections.

Great for conservatories and attics
The shading quality provided by the pleated integral blinds used in the S System make it perfect for conservatories, as well as rooflights and more unusual rooms.

S’s smooth and dependable mechanism actually allows you to think differently about your window shading, because it works from side-to-side as well as the usual vertical movement. That’s why it is ideal for use in attics/garrets because it can provide shading whatever the window’s angle.