Next generation solar control with the ultimate clarity

Advances in glass technology are constantly pushing the boundaries of how windows and doors can perform and look. One of the latest developments which is now available to UK homeowners and property developers is the next generation COOL-LITE SKN 183 solar control glass from Saint-Gobain.

Providing outstanding performance with the best ever level of glass neutrality, COOL-LITE SKN 183 is amongst the most innovative types of solar control glass on the market. Ideal for south and south-west elevations facing direct sunshine, especially large spans of façade glazing, the glass stands out for its clarity and low refection, enabling natural light to fill a room or building without the risk of overheating on sunny days.

A market leading light transmission level of 75% (TL)
Low solar factor (40%), high selectivity (S = 1.88) and neutral aesthetics
Proven carbon-saving solar control performance making it ideal for high-end residential and low energy commercial buildings
Excellent thermal insulation levels with a Ug value of 1.0 W/m²K




The clearest choice

Homes, commercial spaces and public buildings can all benefit from the premium COOL-LITE SKN 183 solution, particularly those where high levels of daylight are a priority to achieve bright interiors, with no effect on solar and thermal performance.

Outstanding ‘selectivity’ – the ability of the glass to balance light and heat transmission with insulation – is achieved via a double-silver coating which is applied to the glass during manufacture. This is the key to providing the best of both worlds, enabling a neutral appearance and 75% light transmission without compromise.

Cooling effect for zero-carbon homes

In addition to excellent light transmission, COOL-LITE SKN 183 provides very effective solar protection with a solar factor of 0.40 in double glazed units. This allows your windows and doors to meet top-class energy performance objectives while maintaining a cool, comfortable internal environment.

As a result, you will have less need for energy-consuming air-conditioning, hence making COOL-LITE SKN 183 ideal for use in the greenest, low carbon properties.