Pleated Blackout

Pleated blackout integral blinds: Giving you darkness on demand

What if you could close out all light as and when you want and still have the benefits of an integral blind? With the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout that’s exactly what you can have.

Whether you have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep or find it hard to enjoy your favourite TV shows or movies because of external light shining through curtains or blinds, being able to switch to total darkness can be a real benefit in any property. And for those of us that work nightshifts, darkness on demand is more than just a bonus, but essential for mental and physical health.

For use in any room where even the tiniest amount of light will cause a nuisance or distraction, the Uni-Blinds pleated blackout blind is designed to leave absolutely no scope for light transmission. It can also be used in slimmer sealed units too, thanks to the availability of an exclusive Uni-Blinds® 20mm pleated blackout.

Like all Uni-Blinds® integral blinds, the pleated blackout system is encapsulated completely within the double glazed unit. The advanced fabric prevents light transmission and light ‘bleed’ around the edges and cords, with the added benefit of a high thermal resistance to help keep a room cool in summer months.

Designed to maximise your options for light and shade control

Be in full control of light in your home

How the pleated blackout helps us get a good night’s sleep

Our sleeping environment is precious. We need the right conditions of light, noise and temperature to get the best quality sleep and this is where total shading is a huge benefit. The Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system enables us to take our bedroom to total darkness with ease, providing the zone for our mind and body to enter a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep mode. Light sleepers, children and shift workers who may need to sleep during the day need this more than anyone.

Asset protection for non-domestic buildings

It is not just our homes that benefit from total darkness. For many businesses, research and development organisations, public building operators and health and social care environments, being able to eliminate daylight and light pollution is crucial. With the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system, assets in public and commercial buildings can be protected from prolonged light exposure, including rooms which contain antiques, works of art or where the décor is sensitive to the effects of light. Science laboratories or technical research facilities can also benefit from their installation too.

Pleated blackout system benefits

  • Transforms room into complete darkness instantly
  • Ideal for children’s nurseries, cinema rooms and shift workers
  • Choose from a wide rage of fabric designs and colours
  • Available in all 5 Uni-Blinds® control systems
  • Suitable for new build and retrofitting
  • Innovative spacer bar design with coating to reduce reflected light and ‘warm edge’ performance to insulate the double glazed unit