C System - Manual control

Manual control light and shade made easy

The patented ScreenLine® C System combines effortless operation with simple elegance. It features a clever magnetic system to enable the raising and tilting of Venetian blinds incorporated within either a 20mm or 22mm cavity insulating glass unit.

An external magnet, fixed to the internal glass by double-sided high performance adhesive, allows perfect alignment to be achieved with an internal magnet.

Raising and lowering is controlled using a continuous cord loop that drives the external magnet.

This cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner for total compliance with the British Blind and Shutter Association – ‘Make it safe’ campaign.

Adding to the C System’s superb looks, each blind unit is create using black or grey warm edge spacer bars as standard to give it that extra special appeal.

Designed to maximise your options for light and shade control

Be in full control of light in your home

Choose from several different control options for the C System’s Venetian blind – a cord system, rotational knob or a wand. The one that’s’ right for you it is really down to personal preference.

Choose the rotational cord winder, attached at the top of the room-facing pane of the double glazed unit, and you’ll have the familiarity of a traditional pull cord blind. It performs all four functions – open, close, raise up and lower down. The wand option – a small pole attached at the top – does the same, but using a different approach, and for minimal visual impact you can opt for the rotational knob.

Why choose the ScreenLine® C System

  • Suitable for all types of vertical window 
  • Ideal solution for conservatories
  • It’s the only viable option for bi-fold, folding sliding doors
  • Gives excellent utilisation of partitioned office space
  • Suitable for retro installation into existing frames